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Paul Gunn
Game Designer
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Here I have many of the art I've created on my Tablet PC and Pocket PC. The Tablet stuff is first, as it is generally better quality. Having pressure sensitivity makes a big difference. Also the processing power/memory/storage space/tools are better. Painted in Photoshop unless noted otherwise.

img/misc_thumb_01.gif Chickenized! What a terrible thing, to be turned into a chicken.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif A long time ago, I saw a seedy little bar and grill with a big sign on the outside saying 'Chicken Strips!'. This is what I imagined might lurk within that establishment.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif Chief Weapons. Our Chief Weapons has the advantages of Fear and Surprise!
img/misc_thumb_01.gif If I had a clone factory, what would I clone? Commando Chickens, of course, to build my Chickenly army.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif Zangief of Street Fighter II fame... seems he forgot he had that move, but luckily just remembered.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif Harry Poppins. Need I say more?
img/misc_thumb_01.gif Homing Chicken. A weaponized chicken hurtling towards some unsuspecting and hazy foe.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif Hominid Park. Where the Twinkies go to see those frightening Hominids. Drawn in pencil, but colored in Photoshop.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif The Inflatable Twinkie. That one that Winston was talking about.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif Lorrenna Draco getting ready to put some beat down. Drawn in pencil, but colored in Photoshop.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif The Ogre's Lair. A bad place to be if you value your bones.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif The Sauce Monster doing what he does best. Mixing sauces.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif Shellton, the mechanical lobster, busting into action.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif A foolish priest summoning an entire pantheon. It's dangerous enough just summoning ONE god.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif Tamra the tiger lady.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif The Godslayer, a blade to make immortals mortal.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif A Twinkie, having finished off a dangerous Hominid.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif A Twinkie angel.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif A Twinkie visionary contemplating something delici... err... portentious.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif A brave Twinkie warrior ready to fight.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif A Twinkie wizard ready to use magic to turn the tide of battle.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif The War Hogs. These guys aren't so bright, but they are destructive for sure.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif A mob of zombies using the element of surprise! Colored in Photoshop, drawn in pencil.

These ones were all done in Pocket Artist on my Pocket PC. The Pocket PC lacks the pressure sensitivity of the tablet, as you can tell.

img/misc_thumb_01.gif Burney Burney, the Master of Fire. He might just save your life from wrathful ire... and something about roast beef.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif What you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinocerous. The fabled Elefino.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif A griffin breathing lightning from its beak.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif Matro, subjegator of worlds.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif The Mean-O-Meter. Has a scale from 1 to MEAN.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif Some adventurers exploring the World Beneath.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif One of those pesky Twinkie geneticists... one of the guys who started the whole Hominid/Twinkie war. Drawn in pencil and colored in Pocket Artist.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif A jeep full of Twinkies trying to escape a Hominid. Foolish Twinkies, didn't you know that Hominids are higher in the food chain than you are? Drawn in pencil and colored in Pocket Artist.
img/misc_thumb_01.gif A spiralling city built upon a massive vortex of water. Drawn in pencil and colored in Pocket Artist.